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The recognition and acceptance of the quality of online degrees compared to instructor-led degrees tends to vary world-wide. However, whilst most major online colleges are regionally accredited, the public perception of their quality is in dispute. Some experts argue that degrees in certain fields are more accepted online than in others, while some programs are less suited for online-only schools.


Types of distance education courses

  • Correspondence conducted through regular snail mail
  • Internet based
  • Tele-course/Broadcast, in which content is delivered via radio or television
  • CD-ROM, in which the student interacts with computer content stored on a CD-ROM
  • PocketPC/Mobile Learning where the student accesses course content stored on a mobile device or through a wireless server

Integrated distance learning, the integration of live, in-group instruction or interaction with a distance learning curriculum

Why an online degree?

With the ever - increasing availability of computers and the Internet, people can study for many different qualifications – including online degrees – using online education.

Online education uses latest computer technology to deliver courses over the Internet. Instead of traveling to a college campus to attend lectures and meet tutors face-to-face, they can access this over the internet. Earning an online degree is now easier than ever.

Using a computer and the Internet and the knowledge necessary to operate them are essential, providing these basic requirements are met it is possible to access course information online. Students can access changes to the syllabus and assignments by visiting a course page, communicate easily with lecturers and fellow students with email and join in discussions using message boards.

Both academic institutions of higher learning and professional organizations agree that online degree and distance learning education environments can offer visible, measurable benefits.